Our Lavender Bath Bombs are not only fun to drop in your tub, they smell amazing, leave your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and help you relax.


What's in it? 


Baking Soda- baking soda is a natural cleanser, that can help restore the PH balance in the skin, clear acne, and remove dead skin cells


Epsom Salt- natural mineral that eases muscle aches, relieves stress, provides moisture, and relaxes the body. Epsom salt contains Magnesium, which can lower our cortisol levels to promote sleep, and relieve musle pain and inflammation. 


Citric Acid- this ingredient is what creates the fizzing science experiment in your bath tub, but it also helps loosen damaged areas of skin, making room for reguvenation. 


Sweet Almond Oil and Cornstarch- for extra hydration


Witch Hazel- reduces redness, natural astringent, anti-inflammatory




Lavender Bath Bomb