About Us


Hi there! I'm Mallory and this is a baby I love and care about.


After several late nights rabbitholing on the interwebz, and learning everything I could about what chemicals our everyday products are made of, and their potential harmful impact, I decided to make my own in my small kitchen in Thailand. I used myself as a guinea pig, and after grossing out my students with my BO and several small explosions , I've brewed up a few recipes and would love to share them with you! Commence, Herbal Alignment.

Each product is created in small batches, under the consumption of black coffee, in an environment with positive vibes and Grateful Dead tunes maaan. 

Herbal Alignment uses organic, plant-based, chemical free, and (mostly) vegan ingredients. (beeswax is used in some products for solidification). 

How does your purchase have a purpose? $1 from every product sold will help provide educational resources to children living in foster care in Chicago. We thank you for your contribution to making the world a better place!

I hope you enjoy these products (and more to come in the future)!